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Transcription is the art of listening to speech and converting it into a written document. The term transcription refers to the process by which video or audio resources are transferred into a text format for indexing, approachability or archival purpose. Transcription techniques are used in various spheres and different fields including law enforcement, musical performance and for various business purposes. Technological advances and inventions have made transcription works easier and more efficient by providing advanced ways to record the original material and to produce clear, readable transcripts for business purposes.

A permanent written record of audio files provides an invaluable resource which provides boost to legal and technical issues.  It allows meetings and events to be searched for key terms and titles.  It is much quicker to read through a document than listening through the entire audio and listening to audio is also time-taking.  The poor-quality of audios can be quite cumbersome and challenging to listen through, but reading a well-written document is convenient.  Transcripts never depreciate in value, and get worn down, or are always at risk of being lost. The digitally-written words last forever and can be used forever.

Many professionals require transcripts, including doctors, those in the film industries, legal field, radio programs, or speech or lecturers.  This is because of their requirements to have a certified written copy of the spoken events available for references. The podcaster now chooses to publish transcripts of their contents on line because the written word can be found by search engines and can also be easily quoted on websites and blogs. The closed subtitling and captioning are other aspects of transcribing that most are familiar with and often used.  It saves time and hassle to have important meetings transcribed, allowing executives to review notes to ensure they have not missed any crucial points which are very important.

It has never been easier to record thoughts and ideas. Essays, memoirs, individual thoughts, novels, and e-books are easily written without worrying about editing, typing, and typesetting thanks to digital recorders.

At GMLS we employ the industry-standard ExpressScribe player to play audio and video files and convert them into MS Word or Word document.  We understand the nuances and difficulties of audio files and know how to handle the inaudible audio and do the diligence required in researching proper names and nouns. At Global Multilingua Services, we provide all type of transcription services. We have the group of well qualified and professional in all Indian, European and Asian languages.

We are one of the best Transcription Services Providers in Delhi and offering our Transcription Services in Noida, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Kolkata, Surat, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad (South India).

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