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Portuguese is a Romance language and an official language of Portugal. Portuguese is a part of Indo-European, Romance, Iberia-Romance, West Iberian, Italic and Western Romance that originated from several dialects of Vulgar Latin during the medieval Kingdom of Galicia. More than 220 million native speakers, Portuguese is usually measured as the fifth most spoken language in the world and third most spoken European language. It is spoken in Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Cape Verde, São Tomé e Principe and Macau also. The São Paulo (Brazil) is the city, where the largest numbers of Portuguese language speaking people are habitat in the world.

The officially recognised as first European to discovered “Brazil” is Portugal’s Pedro Alvares Cabral, further who was sent to India by the king of Portugal after returning of Vasco-de-Gama for his new journey to India and Portuguese exchanged several farming crops between India and Brazil and cattle were imported to Brazil during the colonial era. The diplomatic relations were established between India and Brazil in 1948 and on 3rd may 1948 the Indian Embassy was opened later on moving to Brasilia on 1st August 1971. One of the major tensions between two countries was the decolonisation of Portuguese colony’s Goa in India.

India and Brazil are two most significant component of new global order that challenging the existing system throughout institution like BRICS and IBSSA, where the India and Brazil are at forefront of emerging nations as alternate financial architecture with the establishment of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and New Development Bank .The co-operation between Brazil and India in UN ,G-20 and other multilateral groups play an important role in  bilateral issues majorly trade and strategic partnership.

At the same time, the language plays a significant role in not only reducing the communication gape but also for political, economic, social and cultural relationship between two distinct languages speaking people. Global Multilingua Services provide the Portuguese language translation; transcription and interpretation service provider. Provide high level of Portuguese language interpreter and translator in India including New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Indore, Noida, Faridabad,Hyderabad and Gurgoan.

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