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Japanese is one of the most professional languages of the world. It is spoken by 10 million people, mainly in Japan and Brazil Japanese is the second most difficult language of the world after Chinese. It can be considered the modern language of the world. And it got full prosperity, when in the Nora period, lot of Buddhist monks come to Japan from mainland china. They came to Japan with the Buddhist scriptures written in Chinese. And Buddhism spread all over Japan, Chinese was used in the court, and the emperor adopted used in Japanese language. There are two sounds in Japanese. One is Japanese sound and second is the Chinese sound. For the combined Chinese character, Chinese sound is used and for single character, Japanese sound is used. Japanese language has other own unique feature, which does not exist in another language of the world. In Japanese language only, three characters are used. For example- Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

Japanese people use Hiragana for Japanese name and Katakana for foreign name and for words of foreign language adopted in Japanese. Kanji is very important portion of Japanese without kanji, Japanese remains incomplete. Without kanji, texts seam ambiguous and unclear, and does convey correct sense.

In this century Japanese is the most demanded and professional language, because Japanese is the leading country in technology and leading country in automobile industries, electronics, all types of home appliances and leads the world in all spheres. Japanese industries are spreading in each country of the world. And Japanese people do everything in their own language. The medium of education is only Japanese is Japan, and all types of research and inventions in all type of technologies and science is done only through Japanese. So they need lots of translators, Interpreters, languages experts in Japanese.

Global Multilingua Services is the leading organization which provides interpretation, translation, Transcription, Voice over & Placement for Japanese enterprise in India and all over the world. We have the veteran team of Japanese language and we meet the expectation and satisfaction level of our clients. Global Multilingua Services is 24 hours ready to give the best professional services to clients. We hope that we will get opportunity to give you services in futures.

We are one of the best Japanese Translators In Delhi offering our Japanese Translation and Interpretation services in Noida, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Kolkata, Surat, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad (South India).<

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