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Italian is the Romance language spoken major part of Europe as Italy, Vatican city, Switzerland, as native language of 59 million people in Europe, the majority of whom is habited in peninsular Italy. The origin of standard Italian is poetic and literarily is based on Tuscan mainly in Florentine dialect.

India and Italy are one of the ancient civilisations interacted and traded with each other more than 200 hundred years. In modern context the relation has been established though the exchange of intellectuals from both side,in1926 Carlo Formichi, a Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Rome has invited Ravindranath Tagore to visit Italy. The political relation established between both countries in 1947.

Italy is the India’s top 5 trading partners in European Union as well as 12th largest investor in India and the bilateral trade witnessed a strong economic elation till 2007. The major items of Indian exports to Italy are iron ore; textiles, motor vehicles, jewellery, ready-made garments and leather chemicals as well as items of import from Italy are machine tools general and special purpose machinery, engineering items and metallurgical products.

In 1976, the cultural and scientific co-operation agreement was signed that includes the cultural exchange programme between India and Italy which entails the exchange of students in language programme as well as other courses including history, Indian Arts and languages. There are several institutions teaching Italian to Hindi and Sanskrit and Sanskrit and Hindi to Italian. An Agreement for Audio-visual cooperation was signed between both countries in 2005.The Indian in Italy is the second largest community in Europe followed by England. The most of the migrated Indian community are engaged in economic sectors such as in service industry, agriculture, leather industry, construction works and dairy farming. A major proportion of the Indian Diaspora is located in the northern Italy regions like Lombardi, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont region, in Central Italy like Rome, Florence, and Southern Italy like Puglia, Calabria and Campania.

Global Multilingua Services is one of the prominent Italian language consultancies which provides technical and non –technical professional in translation, interpretation, transcription and voice over services in India including Delhi-Ncr, Noida, Gurgoan, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad and across the world.

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